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Level building and game-play streaming

Starting today we will stream some live level building and game-play sessions for the fans. We will do maybe also some live 2D character design and 3D modeling & animation, music compose, blueprint and engine programming sessions.

We will be live on our Facebook page here:

And the main stream will be on our Twitch account:

The schedule of our streams will be posted here in advance.

Schedule Terran Shield Stream:

September 02 2018 - Blueprint programming (throwing light stick) - adjusting level lights - gameplay scenarios on The Lost Shrine of UM level 

September 06 2018 - Blueprint programming (underwater animation Ka-Um-La) -  underwater lvl building - gameplay iterations 

We have been busy programming some boring stuff for the demo level that will be available at the start of our Kickstarter campaign. UI functionality, units behaviour, AI, internal game mechanics, nothing visual. We will stream in the near future some AI programming and tuning, integrated into the fine polish of the demo level.

After months of hard programming, the Terran Shield alpha demo is shaping nicely and is nearly ready for play. We will have some stream tonight with the final tests, level build and polish, AI tweaking...

If all goes well, we'll have tomorrow the playable version for everybody to test and improve.

The Terran Shield demo alpha level 0.21 is almost ready to be made public. Prepare for some old and complex T.B.S. gameplay in a rich 3D environment!