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Snake Bytes 4/8: Baseball Dreaming in Sad Times

Al Kaline Passes at 85 The Hall of Famer, Mr. Tiger, Michigan icon, Al Kaline passed away yesterday at the age of 85.The world is a less dynamic place for his loss. Known as much for his joie de vivre as his playing accomplishments, Kaline famously signed with the Tigers directly out of high school before going on to be an 18-time all-star, a batting champion, and a 10 time Gold Glove winner. The All-Time Best Second Baseman for Each Team Many of these are fairly obvious. Some of these players rank among the very best to have ever played the game, regardless of position.Then there are some others on this list that just might surprise Hector Rondon Jersey.Olney Expects ifferent Looking Product with MLB Return Will MLB take this postponement of the season as an opportunity to drastically alter aspects of the on-field product in order to breathe new life into itPlayers, Managers Intrigued by All-Arizona OptionThere are still plenty of hurdles to clear and hoops to jump through, but it seems that MLB managers and players are willing to at least entertain the notion of an all-Arizona season. MLB Pumps Breaks on All-Arizona SeasonIn a world with no sports and the same depressing topic dominating the news day in and day out Arizona Diamondbacks Store, it is unsurprising that the fact that MLB is even brainstorming about an all-Arizona season has become such a hot topic. However, despite real discussions taking place about instituting this plan, it is still far from a reality. There are a number of things that still have to happen before the plan could be implemented and some of the items on that list have no clear timetable for realization.