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What Can You Achieve Post a Diploma in Hotel Management?

If you are someone who has a creative mind along with good interpersonal skills with the ability to hold a responsibility, you certainly have an option to take it to a professional level. You can pursue a career by doing a Hotel Management Diploma Course in Delhi. You need to study it and gain knowledge about the field to be a hotelier, but the presence of above mentioned qualities can be a big asset for this profession.

Choosing The Hotel School

The Hotel School is a premier hotel management institute situated close to airport, Delhi which offers the best in class education. THS has two more campuses at Haldwani and Pithoragarh. It offers several courses in hotel management. They are degrees, diplomas, food production courses etc. It has the best faculty members who take serious care of the students. Many recreational activities keep them busy all the time and they don't get bored anytime. It has practical labs for food production, housekeeping, front office and a mock bar. There is also a dedicated placement cell which continuously works to make sure we place 100% students on job and that too in reputed leading hotels.

These are some of the important traits which are developed at THS, for a career in hospitality industry:

Good Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Candidate needs to interact with guests and the management team in order to make sure the work is smoothly running.

Be a Team Member: There are a lot of staff engaged in different roles and one needs to coordinate with everyone to maintain the overall performance.

Language Knowledge: Most of the hospitality services require good English speaking ability to deal with people. Knowing more languages always works in favor.

Leadership Qualities: A team leader needs to guide his team and instruct them for better functioning.

Flexibility: Prepare yourself for a shift wise duty as the hotel runs 24/7.

Aptitudes: There are many situations that require quick decision making and a sense of dealing with guests in case a problem arises, so you should be able to solve the problem very quickly.  Smart and Pleasant personality: This is a very important and key trait needed in an individual to make guests comfortable and happy.

Once you develop the above qualities, you would have the following opportunities:

Hotels and Restaurants: This includes working in most luxurious 5-star hotels, restaurant chains, fast food chains, banquets halls, food production units etc. in positions like, Kitchen Stewarding Supervisor, Assistant Manager/Restaurant Manager, Guest Relation Executive, Assistant Manager Administration, Duty Manager, Front Office Manager, Restaurant Captain, Chef, Housekeeping Associate, Team leader etc.

Airlines: This includes working in both domestic and international airlines and one can be either cabin crew or the ground staff in roles like, Airline catering, Cabin crew etc.

Cruise Liners: This can be one of the most exotic jobs as it includes travelling different places and working on cruise ships. One can take on different roles in management, culinary etc.

MNCs: This includes working in various corporate firms and providing customer service, public relations or a guest relation officer.

Retails: This includes working at various malls, cineplex companies etc.

Government Canteens: One can work as a government employee and maintain the working of hospitality services in several government canteens.

Armed Forces: One can opt for a job in hospitality services under armed forces like Indian Army, Navy or air force in different roles.

Railways: One can opt for a job in catering services of railways.

Entrepreneur: One can run their own restaurant or hotel or catering business as well being an entrepreneur.

Job Environment:

The environment of the job depends on the exact profile that you are involved in. But, mainly it involves looking after the needs of the guests and providing them the best possible service. The best thing working in the hospitality industry is that you would be working with the most hospitable colleagues than any other industry.

With use of both creative mind and management skills, the main job of a person in the Hotel Management field is to maintain the working of the hotel or the department they are in. There are many different lines and departments in which a person who did a Hotel Management Diploma Course in Delhi can go in. Moreover, the work involves making the guest happy by providing the best services and looking after the maintenance and working of the hotel.

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