Pre-alpha demo level:

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We made the first demo level, to establish the lights and the basic level structure. At the moment the textures are photo-realistic, but we plan to change them in order to give the game a more distinct look.


For the players:

We designed this game as a reward to all TBS squad game fans across the world. As a fan of this type of game, we know that the dream of strategy players has always been a game that has it all.

Great gameplay with a multitude of play routes and viable early/mid/late game strategies available to the player.

Great AI, which takes into account individual style of play and responds to it acordingly, without major flaws upon which other players can speculate and later exploit.

Great atmosphere, graphics and soundtrack to support it.

Great storyline, aligned with the gameplay characteristics and mechanics.

Few TBS games approach this ideal combination, the most notable ones being the X-com and Jagged Aliance series. We are introducing a new one, which is set to rise above the level of its predecessors and further the legacy of our beloved TBS squad games: the Terran Shield series.

First we propose a strategy game that can sustain one of the best AIs at the moment, a world with fair rules, in which the player can confront the AI on equal terms.

RTS it is a wonderful genre in itself, but at the moment cannot sustain a fair fight between the player and the AI. Until now, the gameplay interface can allow humans to achive around 300 apm, but the AI can easily go up tu 9000 apm. Therefore the only option that we have for a balanced fight is a game genre that relies on thinking and planning, rather than quick reaction times and fast orders. That is the essence of the TBS genre.

How far can we push this fight and how far a human mind could go within this genre? Nobody knows…but what is certain, is that we will try to push it as far as possible. For that reason, we have designed the superhuman difficulty level for the few of us that have that intellectual ability to win where the other 99.99% of all humans would fail. Terran Shield is not a game to be won, but a game that challenges you to be better, only to show you that you are not good enough.

We do not propose an unfair fight, in witch the AI has better resouces/data about the player’s forces and therefore require them to seek cheats in order to achieve balance. In Terran Shield the AI and the player have almost the same resources at their disposal. The key resides in studying the AI’s style of play and planning your moves accordingly. The AI will be taught to analyze the player’s style and counter it in the most effective way possible. The AI will respond to your actions just as a real combatant would. He will set traps, provide easy missions that will keep your best squad busy, so that the real objective will remain poorly guarded, or will simulate a weak defended base only to welcome the player with a very well prepared defensive.

You will have to stretch your mind to the limit in order to survive the AI’s strategical and tactical plans. You will have to re-invent yourself, to leave your weaknesses behind in order to reach the final mission and win. Will you be up for the challenge? Will you be one of the chosen strategists of the Earth? Will you be in the 0.01%, or you will drop the difficulty level and play a less demanding game?

Terran Shield is more than just a game, is an experiement in finding the boundaries of the human mind, disguised as an alien invasion simulation game. It is highly probable that if an alien civilization should ever make contact, it will be a highly inteligent and pacifist one. But what if, similar to our own society, they will have their less pacifist factions and those will want to „show us the right way” with the aid of a sonic gun? Do we have the right people to stop them? Are we bright enough to stop them? Do we have what it takes to stop their very well planed invasion?

This is the goal of Terran Shield, a game/study/project/experiment to determine whether we are prepared for an aquatic alien invasion or not. Because they will come and infiltrate there where we are weakest, where we do not have any control or detection. Beneath the seas, there where the cold and darkness rule the abyss of our doom!