After the year 2030 the Earth accelerated global warming effect entered in a new stage. As the scientists didn’t preview, the air humidity grew, the desert areas didn’t extended, they shrank. The ocean level grew, with devastating effects especially on poor areas of the globe. In the other regions, huge dams were constructed to keep the ocean at bay. Due to the raise in the CO2 levels, combined with the increase of the precipitations, the plants were thriving everywhere! Aided also by strict ecological laws, the green areas conquered the earth in little time. Large rain forests with mixed ecosystems, composed by aggressive species of plants and animals, invaded the planet. The scientists were puzzled about the climatic change and they were having hard time explaining what was happening. The outcome didn’t fit in any of the possible scenarios, that they preview. As if they left over an important decisive factor in the equation.

The story begins around the year 2035, with a rich treasure seeker named Rick Stenk and his wife Tina, who are searching for a lost artifact called: “The Gift of Poseidon”. In the first part of their quest, they gather information and rare ancient items in the Middle East, Greece and North Africa. Among other items they find some very old sumerian tablets at an antique dealer in Damasc. They contain a strange hymn and a story, and have engraved unknown alien creatures on them. Beside the cuneiform, they have other language, totally strange and unreadable. Little they know, but the meaning of those tablets will hunt them for a long time from then on.

During the documentation process, Rick hired the best 8 divers that money can buy and summoned them at the board of his research ship in Mediterranean. After some months of failures, they finally managed to find the location of the precious artifact in an submersed cave near Crete.

To their surprise, the artefact was in fact a cosmic ship, hidden there by an unknown civilization. They were called anunnaki by the old Sumerians and suppose to be at the origin of human civilization. The carvings from the Posseidon Cave suport this theory. The massive stone wall near the entrance had a basorelief with the tree of life and two oannes standing next to it. Above them where the tree sumerian gods in a spaceship. Although the rest or the sculpture complex appears of different origin (the scientist estimated their age around 120 milion years), the sumerian gods involvement can’t be denied. A more detailed analysis of the cave can be found here:
After they make a hall in the cave ceiling with dynamite, Rick’s crew successfully pulled out the spaceship and tide it to a tug. Then transport it to a private Greek port, where the scientist where waiting anxiously.
The tests on the spaceship lasted over a month. In that time it got the nickname “The Squid”, along with a designated crew (the 8 divers plus Rick Stenk, Tina Stenk, Ana Velkova -a medium and Pablo Cato – “the mad psychologist”).
The scientist manage to decipher The Squid’s commands and did several tests above and below water. The source of the ship energy were the many batteries, hidden in its exterior body. The amount of power it could storage was astonishing! It appeared that even they recharged the batteries more than a month, they were charged only at 7% of their total capacity. The ship capabilities even in this early stage, were staggering! It was so fast both below and above water, that it had no match in human technology.In addition, it had some sort of energy field that could sustained a large amount of damage.
During the testing Rick received a phone call from his brother, a NATO official, about a strange underwater footage in the Black Sea. In it, appeared some strange creatures resembling frogs, clearly intelligent, working around some underwater optic cables (the cables were our, obviously). As nobody had a better diver team than Rick, he was asked to investigate the site, as soon as possible. This was the moment that Terran Shield was born, the only paramilitary organisation that could protect us from the underwater threat.
After their first very difficult mission, in which they almost lost 3 divers in attempt to kill a lonely alien from a small scout UFO, Rick and the rest of the team decided for a different approach to the problem, a rather radical one…

Analyzing the type of creatures humanity must face, the only hope for us to match the aliens was to create a new man. One that is capable to dive underwater without the problems that an ordinary human being has. One that could breathe underwater, that could resist at any pressure, that could fell at ease on that environment.